The Otomatic Hydrodynamic method Wet Cleaning Solution

Using the force of hydrodynamics of turbulent water flow (fig.1) and the force of compressed air impulse from a compressor.
The movement of the water-based cleaning solution is forced by the external pressure, which has to overcome the flow resistance in the filter channels.
In turbulent flow the liquid streams mix creating whirls which easily penetrate and remove solid particles in the microporous walls of the filter channels.
Work perfectly with DPF Active Matic detergent which reduces the surface tension of water, thanks to which the washing agent particles bind more easily with dirt particles and more effectively detach them from the cleaned surface.

During the cleaning process, the flow geometry of the DPF provides resistance while creating a high velocity flow and high shear stress, which is the main mechanism for removing the compressed deposits in the filter channels.

In addition, the flow resistance is caused by the appropriate viscosity of the detergent (DPF Active Matic), which causes a phenomenon similar in effect to friction during the movement of water molecules.

The method allows for a very thorough removal of all soot and ash from cake and deep bed layer.


• Complete cleaning system in one single unit machine
• Easily removes both ashes and soot
• No thermal regenerator [baking] needed
• No particle contamination in the workshop air


• Drying after cleaning
• Wet-cleaning sludge to be handled
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