Otomatic DPF – hybrid™ cleaning

Otomatic, unlike its competitors who are divided into supporters of hydrodynamic [wet] or pneumatic air knife [bake&blow] method, presents in 2022 for the first time the innovative hybrid method of DPF cleaning.

Otomatic's patented hybrid method called DPF-hybrid™ combines the advantages of hydrodynamic and pneumatic methods and eliminates their disadvantages in a single unit machine.

DPF – hybrid™ cleaning technology - Wet & Dry cleaning solution

Hydrodynamic Wet Cleaning Solution combined with patented "Air Pulse Drying Process"

• The advantages of the two currently most popular methods of cleaning particulate filters are combined in one unit single machine.
• By combining the hydrodynamic method with the pneumatic method, a innovative hybrid method was developed.
• Two cleaning methods are applied in one cleaning process as:
     1. water with detergent by friction of the water jet, washing and softening and
     2. an amplified pulse of compressed air by blowing particles of dirt remaining after the wet cleaning process out of the filter channels.
• During the wet cleaning process, the compressed air pulse serves to strengthen the friction of the water particles by increasing their pressure.
In the drying process, on the other hand, the already reinforced compressed air pulse is a separate cleaning agent.
• In the wet cleaning process, the air pulse itself is not a separate cleaning agent.
It only plays a supporting role in contrast to its use as a separate cleaning agent in the drying process.

Technological advantages:

• Preventing hydraulic pulse fracturing ceramic substrate thanks to „automatic safety pressure valve” - escape path for high pressure.
• A complete "anti hydraulic fracturing" safety device, comprising a „safety valve”, a pressure sensor and a water pump control inverter safely flushes dissolved ash from the filter.
• Removal of loose soot and ash with air pulse before wet cleaning reduces hydraulic force during wet cleaning. By means of the installed compressed air gun nozzle or the patented "Air Pulse Program".
• Complete removal of remaining sludge from inside the filter created with loose soot and ash when combined with water thanks to applied patented "air pulse drying process".
• No messy sludge remained inside the micropores of the DPF.
• No risk of dirty rinse water evaporation and accumulation of the remaining dirt particles in the filter cleaning channels.
• If the ashes are not removed sufficiently during wet cleaning, these residues are blown outside the filter channels in the in the form of shrunken, dried particles.
• Achieving significantly better cleaning results for DPFs compared to traditional methods.
Measurement of the back pressure of the air flow through the filter channels showed a higher efficiency of the hybrid method in compared to both hydrodynamic and pneumatic methods.

Workshop operating advantages:

• Compared to the "Air Knife" solution, there is no hazardous particle contamination in the workshop air.
• Easy to handle wet-cleaning sludge due to the DPF Platinum internal filtration system.
• The wet-cleaning sludge in the final filtration effect is deposited in the filter tank on easily replaceable cartridges.
• Thanks to closed-loop operation system, there is no need to connect to a tap water source.
• Saving work space in the workshop area due to complete cleaning system in one single unit machine: cleaning, testing, drying, printing reports, filtration system.
• Improving energy efficiency by reducing the time of the full cleaning cycle.

Business competitive advantages:

• Increasing competitiveness by offering a DPF cleaning service in the innovative cleaning technology.
• Reduction of customer complaints through more effective cleaning.
• Achieving significantly better cleaning results for DPFs compared to traditional methods, resulting in a positive impact on the quality of the service and its cost-effectiveness.
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