Become a Business Partner in the USA

We are delighted to extend an exclusive invitation for you to become a Business Partner with us in the thriving USA market.
Our DPF Partnership Program is designed to cater to professionals in the automotive industry, offering two distinct pathways to collaboration:

1. Become an Agent: This option is ideal if you are looking for an opportunity to earn additional income on a commission basis. If you are:
- Active in the automotive market.
- Connected with truck repair shops.
- Knowledgeable about workshop equipment companies.
- Involved in the trade of automotive parts.
- Familiar with automotive parts regeneration companies.
- Linked with truck fleet owners.

This is your chance to enhance your income alongside your current business activities or employment, leveraging your industry contacts and expertise.

Become a Distributor

If you are interested in a more involved role in selling DPF machines and have the capability to:
- Create a showroom for potential clients.
- Acquire service knowledge and offer it in your market.
- Showcase experience as an exhibitor at industry trade shows, including a built network of clients.

We are keen to review your application. This role is suited for those ready to make a significant impact in their market, offering a comprehensive way to engage with clients and deliver exceptional service.

By joining our team, you will gain the advantage of working with a renowned brand, receive full support in your endeavors, and have the opportunity to significantly grow your business in the USA market.
We are excited about the potential of working together and eager to see how we can achieve mutual success.
DPF cleaning machines manufacturer
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