Filter cartridges disposal

Many small businesses generate hazardous waste.
Dispose of cleaning byproducts in accordance with your local regulations.

The Otomatic DPF ActiveMatic aqueous solution used as a cleaning fluid is referred to as an alkaline cleaning solution.

Disposal of hazardous wastes is regulated by municipal by-laws.
If your municipality does not allow the disposal of bases directly into sewer systems, a qualified waste broker should be contacted to remove the waste.

The Otomatic DPF cleaning machines have an internal filtration system for the cleaning fluid, so replacing it is very rare. The cleaning fluid is usually replaced 2-3 times a year.

For this reason, you should only qualify as small quantity generators (SQGs) – generate between 100 and 1,000 kg (220 and 2,200 lb) non-acute hazardous waste.

Check with your local or state environmental agencies before disposal.
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