Air Knife Flush
Wet Cleaning Solution

This method is a relatively unsuccessful development of the „Air Knife” dry cleaning solution.
Cleaning of the DPF is mostly reduced to surface cleaning instead of penetration cleaning.

The implication of compressed air pulses during the filling of the channels with water does not guarantee filter cleaning according to the type of ash and soot accumulation inside the DPF filter.
The accumulation of particulates inside a DPF has two layers so called: „depth filtration” and „cake filtration”.
If tap water is used in the cleaning process instead of a solution with a water surface tension softening agent [i.g. DPF Active Matic], the water itself creates resistance to flow from the empty outlet channels into the loaded inlet channels.
Most of the water splashes around instead of going into the outlet and then inlet filter channels.

„Air Knife Flush” solution allows only for partial „depth layer” removal.
If the water flow does not penetrate deeply into the DPF filter porous wall [deep bed layer] removing the particulates, the inner part of the wall will behave as an uncoated (non-catalytic) wall.
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