Investing in the DPF Platinum (AI) diesel particulate filter cleaning machine proves to be a swift and financially astute decision, showcasing a rapid return on investment. Priced competitively at around $250 per filter cleaninG.
this advanced machine not only ensures optimal performance but also remarkably pays for itself in less than a year. With the cost of traditional filter cleaning methods, the DPF Platinum (AI) stands out as an economically savvy choice, allowing businesses to recoup their initial investment quickly.

Heavy Duty DPF filter Cleaninig Service

The average price for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning in the United States can vary depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the severity of the filter's condition, and the service provider. On average, DPF cleaning costs can range from approximately $200 to $800 or more.

Light & Medium duty DPF filter Cleaning Service [Sprinter VAN, etc.]

Our DPF equipment is designed to fit most diesel engine emission filter sizes. Otomatic cleaning machines fit all light and medium duty DPFs.

Variety of adapters and accessories will help you to meet your filter cleaning needs. Most often the wet cleaninig applies.

DOC | SCR Cleaninig Service

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) and  Selective Reduction Catalysts (SCR).

The Otomatic complete single unit DPF cleaninig machine package contains all of  the equipment for cleaning DOCs and SCRs.

If the DOC is not serviced properly at the same time as DPF - it can prematurely plug the DPF.

In case the DOC has soot accumulation, once the engine is started all of the soot from the DOC may go directly into the DPF which will cause the DPF to plug back up.

Most often the wet cleaninig applies. Pricing witin the range of Stage 1 - heavy duty DPF filters.

Diesel One-Box Cleaning Service

In addition to the DPF filter and DOCs cleaning service, our machines offer the business opportunities of Diesel One Box Refurbishment Service.

A clean and properly refurbished Diesel One Box increase fuel mileage by as much as 5% per year saving thousands of dollars.

A new or remanufactured Diesel One Box costs around $10,000 dollars to replace, that’s why refurbishing and cleaning the unit even at friction of that price is a valuable and profitable business.

Diesel One-Box cleaning usually starts at $900. The price may increase if the box needs substantial repairs, bung replacements, welding, DOC repair, etc.
* If you are a professional Truck Repair Service you can charge extra for the removal and installation service.

What else can you offer your customers:

• The Innovative Otomatic DPF-hybrid cleaninig solution
• Oversized and odd-shaped DPFs can often be accommodated
• Less than 24-hour turnaround for local customers
• Complete final inspection report
• Local pickup and delivery
• Replacement parts (if needed)

Who is most often your customer:

• Individual Truck Owners
• Truck Repair Services
• Fleets
• Truck Dealers

DPF Systems you can service:

Cummins DPF, Volvo DPF, Mac DPF, Detroit DPF, Ford DPF, Dodge DPF, Duramax DPF, Kubota DPF, John Deer DPF, Caterpillar DPF, Hino DPF, Isuzu DPF, Huss DPF, Perkins DPF, Komatsu DPF, VW DPF, BMW DPF, Mercedes DPF, JCB DPF, Hatz DPF, Doosan DPF, Roadwarrior DPF, Skyline DPF, Dinex DPF, Durafit DPF, Maxfilter DPF, Transit and Sprinter DPF.

Industries you can service:

Fleet customers, Mining DPF, Construction DPF, Agriculture DPF, OTR DPF, Passenger for light/medium and heavy duty DPF.
DPF cleaning machines manufacturer
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