Welcome to the revolutionary solution for cleaning DPFs.

Four years after the first release of its hydrodynamic DPF filter cleaning machine, Otomatic is once again revolutionizing the DPF market with its world-leading hybrid DPF,  DOC and SCR cleaning technology.

Welcome to the world of truly revolutionary DPF cleaning solutions that are available today in the US market.

Otomatic, unlike its competitors who are divided into supporters of hydrodynamic [wet] or pneumatic air knife [bake & blow] method, presents in 2022 for the first time the innovative hybrid method of DPF cleaning. 

Otomatic's patented hybrid method called DPF-hybrid™, combines the advantages of hydrodynamic and pneumatic methods and eliminates their disadvantages in a single unit machine.


The Stages of DPF | DOC | SCR Cleaning

All stages of DPF cleaning in one single unit machine.
NEW for the US market!

Stage 1
Dry Cleaning

The dedicated Otomatic solution allows you to safely remove ash and soot deposits with a compressed air gun.
A Protective machine doors system with built-in gloves provide the machine operator with the ability to clean the DPF from outside the closed machine door.

Approximately 70-80% of DPFs are fully cleaned in about 15 minutes and require no further cleaning stages to achieve full flow without resistance through the DPF filter channels.

The OTOMATIC accurate flow testing with print-out is part of the same single unit cleaning machine.

Stage 2
Wet Cleaning

For DPFs with high ash and soot loading, a second cleaning stage is recommended.
A popular but very time-consuming solution [it takes around 12 hours] is to oxidize soot residues and loosen hardened ash with a thermal regenerator.

Otomatic in contrast presents a wet cleaning solution that takes about 1-2 hours.
And all of this in one unit machine.

Wet cleaning technology available:
1. Hydrodynamic solution
2. The Otomatic DPF – hybrid™ cleaning,
      Wet & Dry cleaning solution

See the comparison

The Otomatic cleaning cabinet is equipped with separate dry and wet cleaninig sections.
Our compressed air gun cleaninig solution allow an operator to focus on the concentrated dirtier spots of each filter, sometimes referred to as the “gumball”. The location of this accumulation varies by truck and filter, meaning that it is often missed by automated methods of cleaning.

Competitve equipment
The complete separate unit system

Cleaning solution: Wet & Dry
 - Light
 - Medium
 - Heavy duty vehicles

Airflow Test Bench
Pneumatic DPF Cleaner
Thermal Regenerator
Light & Medium duty wet cleaner
Duty Wet
One-Box Cleaner
Light & Medium duty dry cleaner

Otomatic equipment

The complete all in one single unit system

Cleaning solution: Wet & Dry
- DPF/ DOC/ SCR / Diesel One-Box
 - Light
 - Medium
 - Heavy duty vehicles


Innovative technology

Clean all types of particulate filter (DPFs),  diesel oxidation catalyst (DOCs) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) of every size


Oil & Coolant Soaked Filter Restoration Available

Clean and properly refurbish Diesel One Box

DPF Filter - Pressure Washer Chamber Adapter

Our innovative product, the DPF filter pressure washer chamber adapter, is designed for cleaning particulate filters used in the exhaust system of lorries and pickup trucks, buses, construction machines and forklift trucks. The adapter works perfectly with hydrodynamic and the Otomatic hybrid DPF cleaning machines.

Only 2 hours of wet cleaning instead of 12 costly hours of thermal regeneration

Numbers matter


100 000

monthly visits on all our websites combined

Customers from


countries all over the world


50 000

DPF / DOC / SCR filters cleaned on our machines only in 2021 worldwide

Start cleaning service now!

Learn about setting up a DPF, DOC and SCR filter cleaning service.

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1 week ago

🇺🇸 Our innovative product, the DPF pressure washer chamber adapter, is designed for cleaning particulate filters used in the exhaust system of trucks and pickups, buses, construction machinery and forklifts. Benefits:👉 one adapter for all types of Euro 6 DPFs from heavy duty vehicles👉 uniform cleaning of all channels of the ceramic filter insert👉 multiple shortening of the filter drying time after the👉 cleaning process due to the thermoblock effect👉 two-way cleaning and drying process👉 increased competitiveness in relation to users of traditional adapters.Try it out with one of our machines: Premium or Platinum 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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🇺🇸 We are testing another DPF Premium machine. It will soon be on its way to our customer. We have already sold hundreds of machines all over Europe. Now it's time for North America.🙂 Ask our sales representative in North America for details of the offer.Ray Grimes☎️305.407.7603 e-mail: [email protected]visit our website: 👉 otomatic4usa.com/#otomatic4usa #dpfcleaning #newtechnology #DPF #dpfhybrid #dpfcleaningmachine ... See MoreSee Less

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🇺🇸 Define the right components yourself! Choose your own dpf cleaning machine and match the needs of your business! 💪 🙂Check out our website: 👉 otomatic4usa.com/#DPF #otomatic4usa #dpcleaningmachine #dpfcleaning ... See MoreSee Less

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🇺🇸 DPF Platinum - is the first machine working with wet&dry technology.It provides:✔️ More free work space 🆓✔️ More time for you & your family ⏰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✔️ Bigger earnings 💰✔️ Greater savings of energy resources 💡Less unnecessary equipment in the workshop.Shorter waiting time by customers for the service performed. ⌚️In short, more possibilities for less money.😀Visit otomatic4usa.com and contact your consultant in the US.#DPF #dpfhybrid #dpfcleaning #otomatic4usa #newtechnology #dpfcleaningmachine #wetanddrycleaning ... See MoreSee Less
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